Teachers' Union: More than 300 teachers arrested, hidden and tortured in Al-Houthi prisons

Teachers' Union: More than 300 teachers arrested, hidden and tortured in Al-Houthi prisons

According to the media officer of the Yemeni Teachers' Union Yahya Al-Yana’ee that more than 300 teachers have been arrested, enforced disappearances and tortured in Al-Houthi's prisons since the coup began in September 2014.

In statement  to Al-Masdar Online, Al- Yana’ee confirmed the death of seven educators under torture, the exposure of detainees to attacks and intimidation, and inhuman and degrading treatment.

He added that some 20,000 teachers have been displaced from houthi-controlled provinces to liberated areas due to the escalating crackdown on civilians over the past four years.

Al- Yana’ee noted that the remaining teachers in the Areas of Houthi control are living in difficult humanitarian conditions due to stoppage of salaries for 3 years or more, and that nearly 4,000 teachers have been dismissed from their jobs and replaced by elements of the Houthi group, some of which are involved in crimes and violence.

"The education sector has become part of the war and one of the most important battlegrounds," he said, noting that many schools in Sana'a and elsewhere have turned into recruitment and training camps.

He explained that a review of textbooks in areas controlled by the Houthi group revealed content that incites hatred, discrimination and violence, pointing out that the amendments made by the Houthi group to the curriculum affect about 3 million students distributed through the basic education stages and secondary education.

The media officer of the teachers' union called on to stop all violations against Yemeni teachers, to release abductees and forcibly disappeared, and to compensate them for the harm done during their disappearance.

He also called on the United Nations to take drastic and urgent measures to save thousands of educators from abuses and repressive practices against them by the Houthi group.


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