Belhaf oil facility in Shabwah are targeted by artillery from pro-UAE forces

Belhaf oil facility in Shabwah are targeted by artillery from pro-UAE forces

Firefighters in the Yemeni liquefied natural gas company (LNG) managed to extinguish a fire at the Belhaf station in the Arabian Sea province of Shabwah, after targeting the facility by pro-UAE elite forces, with a shell that landed inside the project facilities near the port of export.

The "new Arab" newspaper quoted government oil sources as saying that the missile was fired by pro-UAE forces and landed on the coastal side of the facility, specifically in a location called "Whiskey One" near the staff housing.

The sources said that the company's fire trucks rushed to the scene and managed to control the fire.

The sources indicated that the fire was spreading rapidly and threatened to completely destroy the facility as a result of the seriousness of the place, and that without the speed of the firefighters ' response, there was a real disaster.

The targeting of the Belhaf liquefied gas station by the forces it is protecting is a clear threat letter to the government by pro-and-UAE separatist groups, especially since it comes after the announcement of economic measures including the resumption of gas production and export, in an effort to save the local currency, it said. .

Abu Dhabi controls the Belhaf natural gas facility through pro-local forces called the "elite", which the UAE has trained, paid and imposed as protection forces on the project despite the Government's internationally recognized opposition.

The legitimate government announced on Tuesday its intention to resume the production and export of liquefied natural gas (LNG), as part of a package of economic measures aimed at reducing the deterioration of the local currency through the activation of foreign exchange resources. ...


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